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Veterans, Transitioning Service Members and Spouse/Family Members
You are looking to build a career that brings you purpose and aligns with your skills, passions and experience . . .


Career Advance
Do you need a degree, certificate or certification to advance in your career? Are you looking to change careers and need a degree, certificate or other credential to make the change? Are you concerned about the costs of getting that credential?


CREDITS2CAREERS (C2C) is a free academic and career portal, from the Virginia Community College System, designed specifically for learners from the military and veteran communities. It lets you explore academic options to get the degree or certificate or certification you need to be successful in your current or new career path.


Quicker and at Less Cost
C2C is unique in that it will help make sure you get college credit for your military and civilian experiences that you can use to get your degree quicker and at less cost - setting you on the fast track to your ideal career.


Transitioning from military
If you are transitioning from the military or a veteran with GI Bill® benefits, C2C will give you guidance on how those benefits along, with college credits for your experience, can significantly reduce the time and cost to you to complete that degree or credential.


Your own Portfolio

Based on the information in your Credits2Careers portfolio, instantly get an estimate of your credit for prior learning. You will be then able to review academic programs and associated degree maps that show you how your credits are applied.

    Use Credits2Careers to explore:
  • Degree and non-degree programs by field of study and identify the VCCS colleges that offer them.
  • Careers and see programs that VCCS offers to prepare for a career.
  • College credits for your military and civilian experience, prior education certifications, etc. and how you can apply them to complete degree or non-degree programs faster and at a lower cost.