Spouses and Family Members
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1. Start with My Story

My Story is where you detail your experience, education, credentials and training in preparation for creating a Resume. You can build your 'Portfolio' of experience and education by adding Jobs, Degrees, Academic Courses, Certifications, Training, etc.

2. Build Your Resume

My Resume lets you create resumes by selecting items from My Story. When you create a resume, you can also compose text that can go in a cover letter and a brief objectives/summary of yourself. You can create multiple resumes customized for specific types of job opportunities.

3. Explore Careers

If you have not decided on a career or are looking to change, you can use the Explore Careers feature to find careers that are suitable for you based on your prior education, training and experience, etc. You can find careers that are related to and let you leverage your prior experience or find new ones based on your personal goals and interests.

4. Search and Apply for Jobs

Go to Job Listings at any time to search and apply for jobs posted by participating employers. In this section, you can:

  • You can save your searches
  • You can also setup a saved search as an agent that will run periodically to alert you to new postings that meet your needs.

You can also expand your search using job openings from a nationwide job bank.